Grateful Dead Concert

A report on the Grateful Dead Concert in the “Grateful Dead Guide“:

This appears to be another edit of the recording:

Seen in the comments of this version:

When working at Wesleyan, I found this recording about 25 or more years ago in a storage closet we were taking over from the AV department. It was a tape format that was rare for that time. I turned it over to the Olin Archives and often wondered what happened to it. I heard that they successfully were able to dupe it to a modern format but they could not release it because of unknown copyright ownership so I never got to see it. I was talking with some guys at work today and went to google the date the dead played at Wesleyan and found this link!! After all these years, I finally get to see the video I discovered all those years ago!!


“The Grateful Dead – Live at Wesleyan”:

“Vintage New Riders footage from Wesleyan University May 3, 1970”: