Colin Campbell – Oral History

June 13, 2016 Oral History Transcript:

Bud Spurgeon: This transcript includes an event that I recall, having been part of a group who asked Colin and Nancy to a dinner in a dorm room. While cooking the dinner (steaks, as I recall)  the hot plates and electric skillets tripped the breaker. After the circuit breaker tripped, the security guard came by to read us the riot act on his way to reset the breaker. But after he saw who was in the room he left without another word. Colin didn’t say anything either but he had a big smile. It was a nice moment.


Interview with Colin Campbell, Former President of Wesleyan University by Suzy Taraba, Director of Special Collections and Archives Williamsburg, VA June 13, 2016
Taraba: Once you met with the faculty, did you meet with students then?
Campbell: Oh, all the time. Yeah, all the time. Nancy and I, even before I became president, we had dinner in student rooms and violated the hot plate rules and all that stuff all the time, including with the students on the search committee, or at least twoof the three – student group. They, Alan Yale and another guy, they asked us to have dinner. They were going to cook dinner for us. That was very important part of the reservoir of good will that existed at the place